Benefits And Hindrances Of Algae Essay

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Algae is "a plant or plantlike organism of any several phyla, divisions, or classes of chiefly aquatic usually chlorophyll-containing nonvascular organisms", and it is most commonly seen in areas where it is moist, or damp, and can grow on both land and water. Algae is most commonly seen and found in places such as on rocks or in lakes or ponds. Algae is a type of organism that although, can be very beneficial to the environment, it can also be one that can cause harm to humans as well. Some benefits and hindrances of algae are that it is a form of micro-logical biomass, and it is also not seen to be likely but it can also purify waste waters as well, but to the negatives its toxins that it may release can also be very harmful to both humans and things we eat such as fish.
The benefits of algae surprisingly can actually be very numerous, and one very important one is that algae is that it can be cultivated to have a high protein and oil content level which can very beneficial for both people and animals. It can be useful in such was such as being used to produce biofuels and animal food such as feed for cattle. This is a major plus to algae as it can be significantly rich in nutrients that can help boost the health of people as well as give people a very significant boost of dietary supplements. This is good for animals and people as it is proven that micro-algae contains important nutritious things such as proteins, carbohydrates, antioxidants as well as vitamins. This can be a very bright sign of increasing the certain use of algae.
The things that algae is able to provide for both the health of humans and animals is greatly, but being able to protect our health is just as good or even better than that. Algae has proven that it is able to thrive in waste waters or sewage which are usually contaminated and very dangerous and bad for the health of a human, if they were to drink water from the sewage. But, from being able to thrive in waste waters, it is able to both produce a sort of biomass which is suitable for the production of biofuels, as well as purify the water of such places such as sewage water, and make it clean, almost drinkable. But, apart from making water drinkable, due to the metabolism of algae, it is able for this reason to oxygenate water. Besides being able to supply purified water, it is also able to give a distinguishing color of a blue-green which is a warning that the water is polluted and in a bad state, and this gives us a warning of how good the water is for the health of any kind of organism.
Like all other good things, algae also has its drawbacks to its positive things. One thing in particular that is extremely bad for the health and well being of humans or other animals is that over time some species of algae have been known to release a toxic chemical into the water which is known to be deadly to both humans and fish. Not only are the algae capable of killing both humans and fish, but some species are...

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