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Benefits Of The Federal System Essay

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Although the power has shifted back and forth from stronger decentralized government to a dominant centralized government, the balance between the two has yet to fall completely. Thanks to the limitations the Founders installed into our Constitution, there has yet a time where the states or national government has the total power to control the nation as a whole. We call this type of government system as the federal system. In a federal system, there are different but separate levels of government who has their own powers. Furthermore, in order to ensure that the centralized government is not oppressing the states there are also limitations on certain national powers (McDaniel and Shaw, 2014). However, through the various Supreme Court controversial cases, we see that the Supreme Court is giving the states the choice to legalize or not laws such as same-sex marriage and gun control. Yet on the other hand, states have increasingly depended on the national government for funding various activities such as educational funds and national security funds (Kollman, 2013). Since states have to rely on the national government for the various funding, it seems as if the national government essentially has the upper hand over what the fifty states can and cannot do.
This then leads to the question of whether or not the U.S. should consider abolishing the federal system and instead facilitate a more unified government to face the rising modern problems. In my opinion, I believe the U.S. should not abolish the federal system. Although our current system has quite a number of flaws, such as states’ rights versus national supremacy (as seen in Supreme Court cases like abortion and affirmative actions), I believe there are more benefits than drawbacks to the U.S. In addition, I believe the federal system is better at accommodating a country like the U.S., who is not only diverse but its citizens also have a deep belief in democracy and freedom of rights.
As I have previously mentioned, facilitating a federal system does brings some disadvantages to a government. According to Kollman, corruptions in federalism are higher than other government system (Kollman, 2013). The ongoing controversy of interest groups lobbying to Congress and the White House is one example of the possibility of corruptions within a federal system government. Although the U.S. does not allow bribery, there are loopholes. For example, certain government leaders or political party leaders can ask an interest group to make large donation contributions to his party or campaign for helping that interest group reach their goals in a fund-raising situation. By making such transaction, this is technically not bribery. Kollman further explains that interest group does not necessarily represent the majority or the other way around, the minority (Kollman, 2014). Today most of the interest groups or individuals powerful enough to sway a Congress member are usually those belonging to the upper...

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