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The use of marijuana has always been under great controversy and I am sure it will remain that way for years to come. People have been smoking marijuana for well over 10,000 years and there has never been one report of anyone dying from the consumption of smoking too much, nor has there ever been any health related issues come up from anyone smoking Dr. Paul Hornby was quoted as saying "I've heard you have to smoke something like 15,000 joints in 20 minutes to get a toxic amount of delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol.”(Smith). Can you imagine anyone being able to smoke that marijuana in just 20 minutes: realistically a person probably doesn’t even smoke that much in their lifetime?
I have personally witnessed cancer patients smoke marijuana in order to subside the pain and nauseous that they experienced from the chemo and radiation treatments that they were undergoing. My grandfather was suffering from colon cancer and when he would go to the doctor in order to undergo chemo as well as radiation treatments he would feel so weak and nauseous that he could not even stand to the site of food. At the time he was going through treatments he would ask one of us grandkids to please go and get him a marijuana cigarette, and whoever he asked would go and get one if they did not already have with them. I mean let’s really be honest with ourselves how many of us have smoke marijuana at one time or another either as a teenager or as an adult?
Marijuana should be legalized in the United States at least for the purpose of medicinal uses. There are far too many benefits for a person that is suffering from cancer, arthritis, morning sickness, anxiety and many other serious illnesses that have benefited from smoking marijuana to not legalize it. Studies have also shown that people who suffer migraines have experienced relief from smoking marijuana. According to Dr. Phillip Denney "Cannabis is one of the best medicines for migraines. It's so effective - it works rapidly, and it has limited toxicity, although lung damage from smoking is a concern."( .
I personally was diagnosed with Migraines when I was 19 years of age, I have taken several different kinds of medications in order to keep the under control. However all of the medications that I was prescribed were consider controlled substances another words “highly addictive.” I had to get...

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