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Benefits For Identifying And Analysing Training Needs For And Organization

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When an organisation identifies and analyses a training need by carrying out a training needs analysis the organisation can satisfy itself that there is a real need for training. Training is offered within an organisation for a variety of reasons e.g.; it can be induction training for new staff, new technology has been introduced or they are up-skilling the current staff because of new regulations or legislation.
Training should be designed and conducted to meet some objective or to fulfil some identified need. The training gap can be identified as a result of a training needs analysis being carried out at an organisational level or on the individual. The training to be offered should support the mission statement, vision, plans and polices of the organisation. (O’Carroll, 2012). An organisation can benefit if they firstly identify and analyse the training that is required to ensure that effective training is offered to staff and that in fact it is training which is required to resolve the issues raised and that it is simply not a matter of employing more staff. Extra training will not resolve staff shortages.
Other benefits to the organisation are as follows:
• It saves the organisation money if effective training is offered.
• It can increase profits to the organisation as a higher skilled workforce will result in greater productivity.
• Where Health and Safety Training is offered it reduces the risk to the employee and may result in a lower insurance premium.
• It increases the organisations competitiveness as with additional training the workers become more flexible and can complete more tasks efficiently.
• It increases the quality and quantity of the service or goods being provided by attracting good candidates to the company.
• Lower staff turnover as good and effective training cascades over into the company and morale increases within the workforce creating a good working environment.
• Chances for promotion within the company also increase morale within the workforce and the company saves money as internal promotions are much cheaper that external promotions. (Corkey, Barbara (2014))

Before designing a training programme, we must first identify where the deficit for training exists a training needs analysis (TNA) looks at the current performance levels and the desired performance levels. The difference between actual performance and desired performance is called the performance gap The TNA will also look at the possible causes of the poor performance and the feelings of the people involved and examine the possible solutions. There are different methods for collecting the training needs data and there are benefits and drawbacks to each one. (O’Carroll, 2012)
The methods are as follows:
Questionnaires and Surveys
Can be...

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