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Benefits For Companies Using Vo Ip Csi 120 74 Business Data Networks And Communications

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Benefits for Companies using VoIPVoIP provides integrated voice and data application. IP Telephony merges a telephone system with the computer network providing many advantages for a business ranging from reduced long distance expense to improved customer service. Furthermore, VoIP assists a business in improving, knowledge management, and conduct video conferencing.Benefits for Businesses conducting E-CommerceFor example: In the network-telephony model, the Web user begins a transaction at the company or institution Web site, but has the option of directly connecting to a Customer Service Representative by using what is called "click-to-dial" functionality. The result can be an audio, video, or simultaneous audio and video interaction with a live Customer Service Representative. With only a mouse click on a hyperlink a customer can directly enter into a phone conversation with a Service Representative, who can supply the customer with immediate feedback on any questions. Effective communication, particularly communication that goes outside the company to key customers, enhances customer personalized service and customer loyalty.Video ConferencingCustomer service. To personalize service, many companies are now implementing videoconferencing where the user and the Customer Representative can see and hear each other at the same time.Business meetings. Video Conferencing is also a great tool for enterprises having different sites in different locations. Distance is no longer a problem. By implementing IP Telephony, members can join important meetings and attend real-time conversations and see each other no matter how far the distance. Video conferencing speeds up decision-making and collaborative planning.Virtual OfficeThe number of employees working in virtual office situations has grown...

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