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Benefits Of A Fine Arts Education: Effects On A Legal Career

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A person choosing what to do as a career is probably one of the hardest decisions they will ever make in their life. There are numerous options for education that will get a person to the same career goal. Usually, this means deciding among options such as a technical degree, a community college, or a university. After making this tough choice, the decision making process is far from over. Not only does the person need to choose what type of school they attend, such as private or public, but they also must choose where and most importantly with what degree. It is not as simple as saying "I would like to be a doctor!" and choosing the doctor degree. There are a series of steps to get a person to the point of being a doctor. This is the same for pursuing a career in law. A person cannot walk into an undergraduate college thinking that there is one type of degree that will help them become a lawyer. Although this would be very simple, it would demean the idea of the institution of law. Law is not supposed to be single minded. It is supposed to be an institution composed of numerous and various types of intellectual minds. Having a single-minded legal system would put the world back to the time when African-Americans were treated as subpar citizens which is preposterous. With this prospective, a person must decide what degree to follow in their undergraduate education and pursuance of a legal career. This is a life-changing time in a person life because it will help define who they become as a practitioner of the law. There are hundreds of options for majors in today's society. Everything from a Quantum Physics degree to 18th Century British Poetry is within reach. What is important is that the person feels it will help prepare them for a legal career. After considering many different options, one of the most beneficial degrees, in my opinion, is one that produces a confident person with a powerful stage presence. No other degree does this other than a Bachelor of Fine Arts. The Fine Arts has many benefits and this paper will explain what those are.
One of the biggest myths about preparing for law school is that there are only certain majors at undergraduate institutions that will allow a person to apply for law school. Usually, people believe that a person must enter a pre-law program or obtain a degree is something such as political science, international studies, or government affairs. In the American Bar Association's article Preparing for Law School (2011) the Pre-law Committee of the ABA Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar dispels this myth by stating, "There is no single path that will prepare you for a legal education." The Pre-law Committee goes on to explain how students from various categories of life and educational backgrounds have the same ability to enter law school whether they enter immediately after undergraduate education or after years of real-life work experience. When considering a discipline in...

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