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Benefits Of A Program Audit Essay

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What is more important than planning, designing, and implementing a comprehensive school counseling program? To ensure the program is aligned with the ASCA’s National Model for School Counseling Program. How is that accomplished? By implementing a program audit during the early stages of the designing phase of the program and then annually thereafter. The program audit guides future program actions and ensures student needs are met (ASCA, 2005).
The program audit, provided by the American School Counselor Association, serves to set the standard for the school counseling program. The program assessment aligns with the four components of the ASCA National Model and serves as an ...view middle of the document...

Management system is the third component of the program audit. The management system component consists of school counselor/administrator agreements, advisory council, use of data and student monitoring, use of data and closing-the-gap, action plans, and use of time/calendar (ASCA, 2005). In other words, this component provides organizational assessments and tools to manage the school counseling program. The school counseling program must be effectively and efficiently managed and the management component makes this possible (ASCA, 2012).
The fourth and final component of the program audit is accountability. This component covers results reports, counselor performance standards, and program audit (ASCA, 2005). The accountability component is designed to help school counselors analyze data collected from other sections of the ASCA National Model. The strategies presented in this component monitor student achievement, continually evaluate and improve the school counseling program, and demonstrates the impact the program has on students (ASCA, 2012).
There are many benefits from completing a program audit each year. According to ASCA (2012), “the primary purpose for collecting this information is to guide future actions within the program and to improve future results for students” (p. 106). Gaps may be identified so changes and adjustments can be made. As the...

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