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Benefits Of A Tax On High Fat Foods

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Specific Purpose: To inform the class on how having a tax on high fat foods can help the United States obesity rates.

Thesis Statement: Obesity is a major problem in America and all over the world, the fat tax is one of possible solutions to this problem.


I. Attention Getter: Have you ever heard a joke about how fat and lazy American’s are? I have and I also thought it was a horrible stereotype until I saw the statistics on how many American’s were obese.
II. Credibility Statement: I have researched this topic and I have had history talking to researches and debating this topic so I feel comfortable presenting my findings to you.
III. Relating to the Audience: I have a foreign exchange friend from Australia and last semester she told me she was surprised how thin people were when she came here because she assumed all American’s were obese.
IV. Thesis Statement: Obesity is a major problem in America and all over the world, the fat tax is one of possible solutions to this problem.

Directional transition: (Summary/Preview): Now I am going to tell you about the pros, con, and countries who have adapted the fat tax.


I. The “Fat Tax” or tax on food that contains more the 2.5% saturated fat, according to the Herald Sun in 2013.
A. According to the National Library of Medicine, American’s can be and are addicted to high fat food and because of this addiction; Americans have wasted over $1 Trillion on the food and beverage industry.
B. This tax is copying the anti-tobacco campaign, and they are also trying to overcome the advertising of soda and junk food in hopes that is will make consumers choose the alternative.
1. "Economists generally agree that government intervention, including taxation, is justified when the market fails to provide the optimum amount of a good for society's well-being," says Oliver Mytton, author for articles and reports for the British Medical Journal that publishes international studies to decide the validity that food taxes have on countries and their people, according to the Herald Sun in 2014.
2. The United State’s report showed that a 20% tax on sugary beverages would reduce obesity levels by 3.5%, according to the Guardian in 2013.
3. Archives of Internal Medicine said that an 18% tax on pizza and soda would make the average American to lose 5 pounds per year.

Directional transition: Now that you know what the fat tax is and how it can help us, I will tell you what the cons are.

II. According to The Independent in 2014, The opposition of the fat tax says that the...

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