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Benefits Of Affirmative Action Programs Essay

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Benefits of Affirmative Action Programs

The purpose behind affirmative action programs during the admissions process of universities is to promote equal opportunity, and to further desegregate our educational system. Those who do not promote affirmative action feel that these programs instill reverse discrimination, as well as segregation in the universities. They believe that these special programs lower the test scores of prestigious universities while also setting up minorities to fail in the real world. Groups against affirmative action feel that the need for these programs have over grown their usefulness, because of the changing times in which we live in. On the contrary because of past discrimination and segregation affirmative action programs are needed during the admissions process of universities and colleges.
Opponents of affirmative action believe that use of affirmative action programs in the admissions process promotes reverse discrimination, and segregation, which goes against the initial intent of these special programs. They feel that these programs discriminate against non-minorities who cannot be accepted into universities, because of affirmative action. These programs go against the meaning of civil rights, which is to treat all individuals the same under the law regardless of race, religion, sex, or other such social categories (Beckwith 143).
One of the main arguments made by anti-affirmative action groups is that the use of these special programs will lower academic scores in many universities. Because minorities are accepted into universities with lower entrance exams scores opponents believe that minorities will not succeed in these universities, setting them up to fail in college, thus lowering the university’s testing scores. Due to the academic failures at universities opponents also believe that minorities are also being set up to fail in life as well.
Finally those opponents against affirmative action believe that because discrimination and segregation in universities has changed for the best over the past thirty year the need for affirmative action programs are gone. They feel that these special programs have out lived their usefulness, and are no longer needed in the admissions process. Their continued use will only segregate universities toward the minority side over time.
Anti-affirmative action groups have presented many reasons for doing away with affirmative action programs. These reasons include reverse discrimination and segregation, lower academic score, and the unnecessary need for affirmative action. Although the arguments that have been stated by these anti-affirmative action groups are valid in some cases, the benefits of affirmative action still carry more weight.
Without clear, concise laws, the main purpose behind affirmative action, which is to rectify the injustices of the past via special policies, has been lost or misconstrued. While many people try to change the meaning of these...

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