Benefits Of Alternatives Treatments: Laughter Therapy School Essay

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Two years ago my grandmother was diagnosticated with colon cancer. That was a devastating news for my family and of course for her, because she was afraid of dying at any time. My family was too concerned about her health so we decided to look for the best treatment for her disease. After three months of therapy, she felt her health did not improve, so one day my father took her to a doctor of alternative medicine. He recipe her some natural medicines but he also said something very interesting. He said that apart from the treatment that any patient may follow, it is important to keep in mind that environmental factors play a large role in patient’s recovery. That meant my grandmother had to forget that she was ill and relax. That is what she did and in three weeks she began feeling much better. Now she continues with her medical treatment, but she has a different lifestyle than before. She enjoys life more. There are many nonconventional treatments and one of them laughter therapy. In my opinion this treatment is good because it produces a general sense of psychological well-being.
Laughter therapy is an alternative treatment which can increase your overall sense of psychological well-being. Laughter is a great antidote to reduce the worries that we sometimes have in our lives since a simple laugh can give us the courage and the strength to find new hopes and reasons to continue living. It is important to enjoy our daily life, to laugh at anything because these simple actions attract positive thoughts to our mind. Laughing helps us to see life positively and this has benefits that we can see in our day to day for example some...

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