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Benefits Of Attending Boarding School For The Arts

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Some might ask why anyone would even begin to want to leave home for something like high school. Why would you leave your home, your friends, your family? It is indeed a good question, one which I will answer in this essay.
The most important reason I want to go to boarding school is for the arts. Don’t get me wrong; I love my school. It is an arts magnet school, of course, and does have a partial emphasis on them, but I want to go somewhere where the whole school is focused on what I love to do most: perform. At GCHS, 70% of the students I’ve met only care about sports. It’s difficult to feel passionate about something you love when everyone just shoots it down for ‘important’ things. Of ...view middle of the document...

Boarding school would give me a bit of an advantage over other students when I go to college or acting school, because I will have been receiving college-level acting instruction for three years more than many of them will have. Also, should I decide to move on to acting school, I would have a much easier time earning acceptance because good boarding schools look quite nice on an application.
Another reason I wish to attend boarding school is because of the rigorous academics. Walnut Hill, although it is focused on art, possesses a challenging college prep curriculum, and I can expect to be challenged both mentally and academically if I attend. 87% of boarding school graduates in the U.S. say that they were “very well prepared for university life—both in and out of the classroom.” (According to 100% of Walnut Hill Graduates in 2013 went on to college, including the acting academy I might want to go to and the University of St. Andrew’s. Students spend, on average, about twice as many hours per week on homework—which may be considered a bad thing, except the fact that most of the teachers live on campus and are available to help you with any homework you don’t understand during Study Hall—which at Walnut Hill takes place during 8:30-10:00 PM, Sunday-Thursday. And because you live at school and all your friends are doing homework too, there’s really no good excuse for not doing it. Teachers will prepare you for college by ensuring that you do all your homework on time, which would be beneficial to me as I do tend to procrastinate until the last minute. Another great part of boarding school is that the classes are quite small. Classes can have anywhere from 5-17 students, but many of them are small. Your teachers get to know you, so you’re not just 1 out of 45 during 7th block Geometry; you’re Em Richards who needs extra help when studying dimensions because they don’t seem to make sense to her. I’ve read around 15 ‘testimonies’ written by boarding school graduates and they all echo that one point. The class selection is more diverse as well. Recently, they brought in a new class that essentially allows students to ‘play detective’: Forensic science. Finally, there’s one big difference between public school and boarding school: Saturday classes. Walnut Hill has weekly Saturday classes, which take place during Saturday morning. This gives you even more time to learn, also less free-time, but it keeps you busy—you’re always engaged, always learning, and never bored. Most boarding school classes operate very differently from those at public school. At public school, your teachers get tired of you trying to engage them with multiple questions—they’re there to teach, gosh dang it, not listen to students and their stupid ramblings. At boarding school, the class structure is much less like a lecture hall and much more like a conference meeting: everyone offers input and it’s nearly impossible for you to remain silent and unengaged....

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