Benefits Of Communication In The Movie, The Doctor

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The Doctor
The movie “The Doctor” is a good example of how communications in the health field work to benefit not only the patient, but the doctor too. In this movie, the main character, also known as Jack McKee, is a heart surgeon. The movie begins by showing how McKee’s attitude towards his patients tends to be inappropriate. Jack jokes about his patients and laughs at their concerns. His home life is also a struggle; his relationships with his wife and son are falling apart. The movie takes a turn when Jack becomes suddenly ill. He begins coughing up blood. He meets with a specialist by the name of Lesley. Tests reveal that Jack has a serious tumor on his vocal cords. He has now become ...view middle of the document...

Jack tells her to tell her husband she is “a Playboy Bunny and has scars to prove it”. The look on her face for the lack of sympathy shows how inappropriate Jacks feelings of sympathy, let alone empathy really are. Jack does not know how to listen to his patients and their feelings.
Jacks ineffective ability to think of another person’s feelings reflects on the people that surround him. This all changes when Jacks diagnosis of a tumor on his larynx turns him into the patient. His long waits in the waiting room and endless paperwork cause him to be frustrated. He is now the person needing empathy. Although he is a doctor at the very hospital where he receives treatment, he begins to see first-hand how his lack of empathy towards people and patients can make a person feel.
It is when Jack meets brain cancer patient June, that he begins to feel his first thoughts of empathy. He not only begins to have empathy for June, but he starts to sympathize with his own condition, feeling slightly sympathetic for himself. His listening and behavior take a turn, for the better. It has taken him being terminally ill and meeting a terminally ill friend to start directing his attention and feelings towards others. He begins to relate with Junes illness and his own. This causes him to realize how much he has taken his wife and son for granted, and just how hard it is to get someone to understand how he feels. He realizes he is at a point in his life that he needs the people around him.
Soon after they meet, June loses her battle with cancer. The feelings that Jack take with him...

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