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Benefits Of Computerized Filing System Essay

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What is a filing system? Filing system is a process of classification, arrangement, storage, control and indexing of files for the purpose of retrieving when it is needed. Filing system is used to keep the documents organized and used for easy retrieved. Nowadays, many filing system has been computerized. Computerized filing system is beneficial as it has many benefits to the organization. However it also has disadvantages, however I still think it is beneficial.
Firstly, the computerized filing system has the benefit of the speed than a manual filing system. It is because it can access the files easily and give the files needed immediately. Compared to the manual filing system, the ...view middle of the document...

Compared to computerize filing system, it is easy to set up and need small spaces. With this computerized filing system, the organization may store many records and information in any electronic format as much as they want according to the capacity of the device that they used. It is because it only requires a software and hardware component that is not too big as the size of the cabinets. Thus, the organization can use the unused spaces to put other things.
Besides, computerized filing system will make records easy to organize. It is because the computerized filing system is the system that can be programmed to regularize the input. The organization also can program the format of the system that they want which are suitable for their organization. Thus, it will be easier for the staff to handle it. It is also easy for the staff to organize the records as the computer can detect any mistakes. For example, when the staff mistakenly entered data with the wrong spelling, the computer will adjust it. Thus, all the data has been recorded will be accurate. It is also easy to organize as it does not require a specific humidity and temperature to set when store the information as it has been stored virtually. Compared to the manual filing system, it needs a specific humidity and temperature to be stored and is not easy to organize. Thus, the computerized filing system is easy to organize and beneficial.
Computerized filing system also can help the organization improve their services. It is because the services will become effective and efficient as it use the technological system. A computerized filing system may smooth the process of retrieving and organizing the records. It can save time, space and cost. For example, this kind of system may help the staff to retrieve the records that have been asked by their clients in just in a few minutes. The services also can be improved because this type of system helps the organization to give accurate information while retrieve the data back. It also can detect the...


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