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Benefits Of Genetically Modified Food On Society

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Benefits of Genetically Modified Food on SocietyThe issue of genetically modified foods has always been a very controversial one. The cloning of Dolly [the sheep], was hailed as a revolutionary break thought by many in the science industry. Issues surrounding this topic are the ethics, or lack of morals involved in transferring genetic make-up of an organism. Both sides of this argument have strong points, along with questionable ones, making a simple solution impossible. From the research and evidence gathered, it becomes clear that genetically modified foods (GMF) are a convenient and effective means of technology which broadens the economy, improves the environment, and addresses world hunger. Genetically engineered food will become increasingly essential as the global population skyrockets; figures show that our population in estimated to double within the next fifty years.Firstly, there is constant global competition to increase domiciliary prestige by way of the national economy. Unique and original methods of raising the economy are looked upon as advantageous. Introducing genetically modified foods (GMF) into the Canadian economy will give Canada the ability to provide itself with a substantial competitive advantage, by innovative agriculture and horticulture practices. Countries that use genetically modified foods will create and retain a knowledge base within corporate companies and scientists of the field. With the leading scientists of a field in one specific location, Canada could gain power through information by supporting and funding research to develop new bio-technologies. Utilizing genetically engineered foods increases product diversity by allowing undesirable characteristics to be removed, or desirable characteristics to be added to rise above consumer demand in an innovative market. Genetically modified organisms have the potential to reduce cost for a business by means of decreased pesticide and fertilizer usages, leading to lower cost for a consumer .Secondly, the resuscitating effect genetically modified foods have on our deteriorating environment are evident through the reduction of herbicide usages and pest infestations. Changing the genetic make-up of agricultural crops works in favor of Canadian farm commerce, lessening the farmers labour load, while sustaining the environment. Generally, farmers use means of physical force (plough, tractor, ect.) to literally remove their crops. However, some farmers nevertheless cannot manually (age, disability, ect.)tend to their crops there to rely on the alternative: pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides. Not surprisingly, seventeen tons of herbicidal chemicals were used last year. The gross pesticide and herbicide product last year shows that there is a substantial debauchery then what is expected to be used by excused farmers, yet even when factoring out other sources of chemical wastes the majority surplus is derived from able-bodied farmers misusing the pesticides and...

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