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Benefits Of Gold Recycle: Preciousness Of Recycling Gold In Environmental, Economic And Humanitarian Aspects.

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John Muir, a renowned naturalist, mentioned “Hidden in the glorious wildness like un-mined gold”. However, nowadays this wise saying can be converted to “Hidden in the glorious wildness like un-recycled gold”. Gold producing requires huge amounts of money and causes environmental pollution since the efficiency to extract pure gold from mined one is extremely low and unjust exploitation of labor occurs during the mining process. To prevent these problems, the business of recycling gold was founded and it is rising recently. By examining the benefits of recycling gold in terms of environment, economy and humanity, the importance of reprocessing gold can be emphasized.
In the first place, re-processing gold helps protect the environment.Since the process starts with accumulating gold from articles for daily use, it does not need to mine to collect gold. Therefore, harmful materials such as mercury and cyanide which occur during the mining process do not come about. According to NYT, in gold mine, almost 500,000 tons of soil and rock is cut. They are chemically treated and pollute the land and water around the mine. However, gold that exists in form of jewelry, dental fillings and nuggets in electronic parts is almost 80%. It means that there are plenty of gold in daily life, and they must be used, not left out. Moreover, the efficiency to re-process gold is higher than producing gold. For example, though only 400 gram of gold is extracted from 1 ton of mobile phones, it is effective considering that only 5 gram is extracted from rough stone. Since the productivity is relatively high, hours of operation of factory are reduced. Fumes which occur during smelting and cause air pollution are also reduced.
Next, one of the biggest benefits to recycle gold is that people can save or earn money.Individually, people can sell unused gold items or receive back recycled gold.There are several companies adjusted to customers. Some companies just buy jewelry or computers to extract gold from it, and some agencies give back the extracted to the owner after get some paid. Rather than have unused gold items sit in the drawers, it is better to sell them to companies...

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