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Benefits Of Healthy Eating And Exercise

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Cardiovascular disease is known to be the leading cause of death. One would ponder upon the main cause of such a disease. When it comes to the risk factors, the two main causes of cardiovascular disease are lack of physical activity and unhealthy eating habits. “You are what you eat” is a common phrase, which is used to emphasize the significance of a healthy diet as key to a better health. For instance, if an individual consumes unhealthy meals on a daily basis, he or she would accumulate fat in their body and be unhealthy. Exercising and consuming healthy foods daily not only improve the health of an individual, but also extend his or her life span. The main benefits of exercising and nutrition include weight control, increased energy, better health, better mood, and stronger bones.

A combination of healthy eating and exercising play a significant role in controlling in an individuals own weight. When exercising, one is not only able to prevent excess weight gains, but also maintain weight loss. People tend to gain weight
when they burn fewer calories than the food they consume as well as including the calories that are burned during physical activity. An individual is able to control their own weight simply by consuming nutrient dense foods and low-calorie foods such as fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and protein. According to experts, at least 150 minutes to vigorous activity is needed for one to maintain their weight. For those who do not have the time to or cannot do an actual workout can lose weight by walking up the stairs instead of using the elevator. Thus, incorporating physical activity and healthy eating greatly play a major role in weight control.

In addition, when an individual consumes healthy foods and small meals throughout the day, he or she will feel more energetic and most likely prevent their blood sugar from crashing. For instance, studies have shown that eating small snacks and meals every few hours is beneficial as it reduces ones perception of fatigue due to the fact that their brains needs a steady supply of nutrients. Foods that contain complex carbohydrates, proteins and unsaturated fats are known to be energy boosters. Similarly, drinking water is very significant as it is the main component of blood and necessary for carrying nutrients into cells and transporting out waste products. Some common symptom an individual would experience when they do not have enough water in their body is dizziness, headache, or fatigue through dehydration. According to Psychological Bulletin, research has been shown that sedentary people who completed a regular exercise program improved their fatigue, when compared to the groups that did no physical activity. Therefore, proving the evidence that physical activity increase energy and lowers fatigue.

Furthermore, healthy eating and exercising can have a remarkable impact on ones health and prevent them from being susceptible to various diseases and health conditions....

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