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Benefits Of Hybrid Cars Essay

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Benefits of Hybrid Cars

Transportation is very important to our every day lives. Throughout the history, many evolutions and changes have been made in transportation technology, and it continues growing at a rapid pace. At first, people used horses and horse trailers as their main transportation. Then in the Industrial Revolution, the steam engine was invented. Later, there was the invention of the combustion engine, and it is the beginning of the automobile industry. Many changes and improvements have been made in the development of automobiles. However, until today, the 21st century, people are still using gasoline as the many fuel for cars. Now in 2005, we have hybrids, a new generation of automobiles. Hybrids are fuel efficient, fuel economic and environment friendly, and they are the dominant cars for the next two decades. Here we are going to discuss the major benefits of driving a hybrid.

A hybrid can be simply defined as a vehicle with two sources of power combined. A modern hybrid vehicle, such as a Toyota Prius, uses both an electrical motor and a gasoline engine, and they work together to provide the power needed for a comfortable ride. Hybrids actually have been around longer than we think:

From 1897 to 1907, the Compagnie Parisienne des Voitures Electriques (roughly, Paris Electric Car Company), built a series of electric and hybrid vehicles, including the 1903 Krieger. With front-drive and power steering, the Krieger wasn't built in much quantity. One model ran on alcohol, and there was another version with what has been described as a gasoline-turbine engine; in those times, the term "turbine" sometimes meant “generator."(History of Hybrid, ¶ 4)

Before the full development of gasoline vehicles, hybrids were already introduced to the world. Later on, because of the introduction of self-starting gas engines, the production of hybrids had rapidly declined. A hundred years later, “the first modern commercial hybrids, the Toyota Prius, went on sale in Japan in 1997” (History of Hybrid Vehicles, ¶ 31). This indicates the start of the hybrid dynasty.

The discovery of gasoline had a great impact in the development of modern technology, especially the automotive industry. People had accepted gasoline as the most “ideal” fuel on this planet. Gasoline is economic with very high energy density. However, humans have excessively used fossil fuel in the development of society and civilization, resulting in the scarcity of petroleum. A hybrid is a solution to this problem. Hybrids are built with lightweight material, specially designed tires and better aerodynamic design to increase the gas efficiency. Both a gasoline engine and an electrical motor power the hybrids. The motor and engine share the job that used to be done by a single gas engine in a conventional car, and provide similar performance with less pressure on the gasoline engine. Therefore, these features increase the efficiency and mileage of a...

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