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Benefits Of Joining The Emergency Nurses Association

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There are many advantages in being involved in a nursing organization. It is a

way to stay connected to your profession and have a feeling of belonging, and having

support from others with the same interests. Nursing organizations also offers continuing

education training, as well as information about new trends and goings on in your

profession. This is a great way to enhance one's personal and professional development

(Cardillo, nd). One organization that prides itself in doing these things is the Emergency

Nurses Association (ENA).

About this Organization

Currently located at 915 Lee Street, Des Plaines, Illinois 60016, this organization

was originally two separate organizations, the Emergency Department Room Nurses

Organization established in 1970 on the east coast by Anita Dorr,RN and the Emergency

Department Nurses Association formed by Judith Kelleher, RN on the west coast. Both

women felt that there was a great need for nurses who were directly involved in

emergency nursing care to band together in developing improved methods in

advancing and improving the field of emergency nursing; this also included offering

continuing education courses. The two organizations merged together, and in 1985 was

renamed what it is currently called today. Its current president is Gail Lenehan,

EdD,MSN,RN,FAEN,FAAN. She is head of a larger group of Board of Directors for the

organization(, nd).

Its mission statement involves advocating for the safety of patients and

excelling in the discipline of emergency nursing practice. The goal of this organization

is to further enhance the specialty of emergency nursing by taking an active role in

collaborating with other nursing organizations to improve emergency nursing, as well as

to stand out in taking charge of the role of leader in nursing education and research in

this field. It also advocates for the public by lobbying and being a voice for the

people on issues regarding emergency nursing(, nd).

Though this organization's focus was initially geared towards networking and

informing, it has since branched out into accomplishing many other affairs, like

performing research and providing educational resources for its members. Its research

institute seeks to advance the specialty of emergency nursing through evidenced-based

practice by providing members with assistance to enhance their research in their...

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