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Benefits Of Management Information Systems Essay

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Evolution of technology has a better option in the revolution of the world thereby progressing from the Stone Age to the classier development and implementation of systems rich in “human intelligence”.
The purpose and relevance of management information system is to give direct control to executives to make decisions that give dynamic takeover of the company’s goals. An active Management information system combines data amassed by company’s operations, exterior involvements and records of past activities into information that gives vivid description of what the company has achieved in strategic areas of interest and what is required for supplementary progress. The most important characteristic of Management information system are those that give managers, executives and decision-makers the sureness that their activities have desired consequences
Taking into account the services “Gage Bandix” is rendering, I will endorse they deploy the Strategic Information system approach. Wikipedia defines Strategic information systems as “information systems that are developed in response to corporate business initiative”. I select this scheme because installing it will give an economical advantage to “Gage Bandix”, convey products without any form of deficiency, condense services that are affordable and is distinguished, accentuated on a specific market segment. Four features the system needs to have to ascertain its use are as follows:
Decision support systems
The decision support system will as a matter of fact help in the categorization and distribution of the laptops thereby reducing the cost involved in dispatching. Structuring the decisions involved with the sharing of the laptops can only not help maintain the free flow of activities but also give maximum and dynamic distribution of services. Bringing into line information technology with concerns to contemporary day technological progression renovates the superlative handling and management of data systematized by a company. Distinctive information that...

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