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Benefits Of Nanotechnology Essay

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Researches are still in process to find whether nanotechnology is beneficial for human beings or not. This issue places a big importance because it is related to the future growth as well as the security of nations. It is a vision of what might be achieved if one could create material and devices at the atomic or molecular level. Nanotechnology, which concerns the study and working with matter on an ultra small scale of approximately 1-100 nanometer range, is widely perceived as one of the key technologies of the 21st century. Some scientists believe that this technology enhance the safety, security and quality of life of citizens. Though some others warn of its danger such as terrorist use of weapons based on nanotechnology, in which the biosphere is destroyed by out of control, self replicated robots. I believe, despite there is no immediate evidence of its dangers, that the use of nanotechnology will be particularly beneficial in the areas of environment, medicine and for social life.Nanotechnology will impact the practice of medicine in many ways. Medicine is highly complex, so it will take some time for the full benefits to be achieved, but many benefits will occur almost immediately. Many medical problems will be prevented. Better research will greatly improve our understanding of cause and effect, allowing us to live more healthy lifestyles with far less effort. It will allow early detection and treatment and correct the problem before it turns into a full-blown disease. According to TA-SWISS nanotechnology project coordinator, nanotechnology will lead to more efficient medical diagnosis as early as 2010. Nanotechnology will be able to detect new diseases even before symptoms appear and create a cure in a matter of days. It will be possible to spot any new pathogen immediately. There is already a project under way to sequence the DNA of every orgasm in the Sargasso Sea. Curing a new infectious disease will require some method of detecting and stopping the pathogen. Robert Freitas has described over a dozen nanotechnology ways to disable or destroy pathogens. The tools of medicine will become cheaper and more powerful. High tech tools of medicine are naturally expensive to manufacture, especially if they must be kept sterile. With nanotechnology manufacturing system, the cost manufacture is unrelated to the complexity of the product. Design and testing will still be costly, but once designed, the tools can be manufactured in quantity. The incredibly small component size will allow new kinds of tools like a complete surgical robot that can be built smaller than a needle and chemical sensor that can be small enough to fit into a living cell.Nanotechnology will have a big impact on environment. It can help to clean the air from pollution and nuclear residues through nano-sized particles of carbon atoms. Researchers in this field believe that the environment will be cleaner due to the use of solar energy. Storable solar energy will reduce ash,...

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