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Benefits Of Nature And Outdoor Activity

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Since the beginning of time, the human race has been closely affiliated with nature. Our early ancestors didn’t have houses— they lived in tents, caves, and other forms of natural shelter. As the evolution of lifestyle progressed to be what we know it today, people settled down in houses they built on farms, or in small towns. These grew to be cities, and eventually countries. As a population, we have moved away from this lifestyle immersed in nature, especially in the last few decades. We now spend most of our time indoors, doing homework or watching television; not experiencing nature. The great outdoors have so many unrealized benefits, but we don’t take advantage of them or experience ...view middle of the document...

Treadmills and stationary bikes don’t account for subtle terrain changes and wind resistance, which in turn uses less energy and burns less calories (Reynolds). Other activities, such as hiking, can only be done outside. Hiking exercises your entire body and is pretty easily done. You don’t have to be in the mountains to hike— nature trails are all over the place for people to enjoy (Cathy). Outdoor exercise is reported by many to be more enjoyable than indoor exercise, and studies show that people who exercise outdoors tend to be more active than those who exercise indoors (Reynolds). Exercising outdoors is also a good way to get an essential vitamin needed in your body: Vitamin D (Meininger).
Sunlight travels 92,960,000 miles from the sun, through space, and through the earth’s atmosphere to get to you. Once it hits your body, cholesterol stored in your skin is modified, sent to the liver, and then the kidney, which ultimately produces Vitamin D (What if You Stop). Vitamin D is an essential vitamin needed to make muscles and bones strong (Meininger). It also helps increase resistance to things such as osteoporosis, depression, cancer, heart attacks, and stroke (A prescription for). Although Vitamin D is available in many types of food, the sun is the best source (Meininger). Ten to fifteen minutes a day of sunlight, without sunscreen, is recommended to maintain Vitamin D levels (A prescription for).
Along with the physical aspect, nature has great benefits relating to mental...

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