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Benefits Of Online Schools Essay

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In the 21st century the world has witnessed a huge change due to the power of technology. At one time it was necessary to physically attend class to gain a higher education. However now the development of computers and other machines have changed the face of higher education, as people know it. Online education has a number of benefits for students such as low cost, convince as well as flexibility that traditional universities do not offer.
Fires, it is obvious that online schools are a good opportunity to attend in school with lower cost. Online universities are low cost and allow middle to lower middle class individuals to receive a college education which is a must have for finding ...view middle of the document...

Young mothers can take care of their children during the day and complete their online classes at night as well as those who are already working a job during the day. Ellyssa Kroski (2014) says “This allows students to maintain their work and family commitments with more flexibility than is available at traditional colleges”. This means that online schools gives opportunity to people who could not attend in traditional schools for many reasons. Traditional schools have many benefits as well as online schools.
Finally, many say that traditional schooling is superior because it keeps students on track and motivated as well as giving a higher quality education. Many think the culture surrounding the university’s campus is important and that in fact the college experience is the most valuable lesson learned. The New York Times (2013) “The research has shown over and over again that community college students who enroll in online courses are significantly more likely to fail or withdraw than those in traditional classes, which means that they...

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