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Benefits Of Performing Arts Essay

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What are performing arts? Performing arts are indeed arts or skills that require performance, such as singing, dancing, or acting (Performing). Performances are not necessarily solo performances all the time, contrary to belief. Many people perform in groups like theater ensembles, bands, choirs, and orchestras. Whether performing alone or in a huge group, one can always find something to take away from the performance. Performing arts have impacts greater than some will ever understand.
Performing arts are vital to the education, growth, and developing maturity of students. Evidence clearly shows the arts contribute to achievement and success in life (Ruppert 17).The benefits of arts programs are numerous, for the arts provide academic, basic, and comprehensive benefits to students (Ruppert 17).In fact, many adults give credit to the arts for shaping them into who they are today.
When students discover the wonders of performing arts, a whole new set of skills begin to develop practically immediately. Many times, skills acquired from the arts are transferred into other areas of learning. Transfer skills are skills learned in one context that assist learning in another context (Ruppert 8). The arts are quite often accredited as foundations for the core subjects (Education), for numerous transfer skills are taught through performing arts (Ruppert 8).
Relating the arts to education is a prime example of transfer skills. The arts contribute to education in many ways. Language development, listening skills, mathematics, and improvisation are all good examples of this technique. Reading and language arts play a great role in the performing arts, and life in general. The performing arts have helped students with basic reading skills, language development, and writing skills (Ruppert 11). The arts also assist in developing careful listening and observation skills, which are always necessary in a classroom (Carter). Artists are also typically quick thinkers, and therefore; can just go with the flow (Savacool). When a prop falls on stage or the accompanist forgets a chord, no big deal. It is under control, and because artists can improvise and think on their feet they typically view life in the same sense. Performers that resemble this trait don’t necessarily spaz out over things like projects, presentations, or even tests because they just plan as best they can and improvise the rest. Mathematics also finds a way into the performing arts. Many people do not realize the importance math plays within music. Music is just filled with proportions, patterns, and even ratios (Ruppert 12). Clearly, the arts are beneficial to education.
The National Assembly of State Art Agencies said, “Research shows that children who study the arts demonstrate stronger overall academic performance. Art programs improve students’ self-confidence, build communication and problem-solving skills, and prepare young employees to be creative thinkers that employers seek for today’s...

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