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Benefits Of Photography Essay

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The first important benefit of photography is benefit in journalism. Photography effects journalism with three important ways. They are news in newspapers, social media, and TV news.
Photographs usually use in newspaper news. It makes news more believable. Photography has an effective way which underlines the importance of visuality. Rene Magritte informs that "Thought is what sees and can be described visually.” If there is a good photo in newspapers, and it is relevant to the news, it can increase the sales of newspapers. Usually people make their first impression by looking the photos first, and then they decide to start to read the article. It increases interest of people in the news ...view middle of the document...

Companies generally make their advertisements for relevant magazines. For example a sport firm Nike, Adidas, like that generally make their advertisements for a sport magazine.
Lots of companies give brochures for advertising. They do this to increase the interest about the company or announce their cut in rates. Because of that they use photos which are invincible.
Finally, photography makes a great effect to social life. Their biggest effects are recalling personal memories, using in community events, and using as a hobby.
With photography, people can recall our personal memories. People can look our or other people’s photos and remember them and remember that moment. Just a single photo can bring us back to that moment and feelings. People can see our childhood, even our parents’ childhood.
Photography has a huge impact on community events. Sometimes even a single photo can make people move. For instance, photo of woman in red in Gezi Park Protests made a huge effect.
With taking photo, people earn a perspective. People, who take photo, can make awareness. Also it is a relaxing activity....

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