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Benefits Of Rainwater Harvesting In Residential Homes

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Rainwater harvesting systems provide a source of clean water that comes from the sky and has a positive impact on the environment Rainwater harvesting is collecting rainfall and storing it to meet the water needs (Gelt, 2005). This type of water collecting system has been growing widely throughout the United States and other countries were they may not have a continue flow of water for their needs Harvesting rainwater for residential homes has given families to not depend on wells and municipal water systems from their town, giving the families an alternative or supplemental water source that is free of charge to use.
Rainwater collection has a long history of it being used, tracing all the way back to ancient times about 3,000 years ago (Administrator, 2005). The need for water is a basic human essential for living life, without it, no civilization could have survived During these times the simplest item such as banana leafs would be used to collect the water, channeling it into a coconut (Administrator, 2005). Leading up to the Roman Empire, which used rainwater harvesting creating a giant underground cistern in today’s Istanbul called Yerebatan Sarayi, the Sunken Palace (Administrator, 2005). It was used to collect water from the city above in an underground vault that can be navigated by boat The Roman Empire City relied on the rain, giving the people their source of water to live everyday depending on collecting system
The most common used is a rooftop rainwater harvesting system, uses six components to make up the system consisting of catchment area, coarse mesh, gutters, storage tank, conduits, and water treatment (Beers, 2011). Metal roofing is preferred material to be used, but clay, slate, and asphalt shingles can be used. When using asphalt shingles the chemically treated shingles can let off toxic substances into the rainwater as it runs over the roof, which this water is usually only used for non-potable purposes. If a family has asphalt roofing and wants to use the water for drinking water the use of filters will have to be added. After the water runs down the roof the second component used are gutters made of galvanized steel. The size of gutters to be installed should be according the flow of water during the highest intensity rain, and should be made 10 to 15% larger. It is especially important for every gutter to have leaf screens to keep debris from entering the gutters into the system. Conduits are pipelines or drains that carry rainwater from the gutters to the storage tanks. Storage facility varies in shape, size, material, and position of the tank based on the needs of the system a family is using. Usually many tanks used for residential use need to be positioned as close to the points of collection, to put less stress the pumps and to use less electricity (Beers, 2011). If the water is being used for watering lawns, washing clothes, or uses which don’t involve direct human contact, treatment beyond sediment removal...

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