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“I never will understand all the good that a simple smile can accomplish.” In the words a woman who devoted her life to selflessness and altruism, Mother Teresa remarks on the importance of a smile. Smiling is one of the most basic human facial expressions, but its purpose is often taken for granted and its benefits are overlooked. Numerous psychological and behavioral studies have been performed to evaluate the effects of smiling on an individual’s success. The results provide quantifiable evidence that an act as simple and transparent as smiling can yield long-term benefits to society. Throughout this paper, I will examine the influence of a smile and how it can improve one’s health, ...view middle of the document...

One of the most appreciated uses of smiling is its role in relationships. It is estimated that children smile up to 400 times per day and the average adult smiles 20 times per day. Given the significant difference between adults and children, this explains why we inevitably smile in the presence of a young child and justifies the meaning of the cliché, “a smile is contagious.” In the context of relationships, a genuine smile can make you appear more confident, self-assured, attractive, and reliable. These are all very important characteristics when evaluating someone’s contribution to a relationship. People who smile more often are also perceived as more trusting, making them more likely to engage in healthy relationships. Smiling also puts you in a better mood: it allows you to step and back and look at the big picture rather than focus on the minute details of a negative situation. Overall, people who smile are able to elicit more positive connections with their family, friends, and loved ones.

The professional world provides us with vast opportunities to benefit from the effects of smiling. Smiling in the workplace conveys professionalism and improves your perception at work. People who smile...

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