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Today I want to ask you, what is the one thing that keeps us healthy, strong, entertained, attractive and happy? Probably everyone will agree that there is just one answer to this question and it is sport. However, not everybody knows how exactly it affects our inner and outer states and how our organism responds to physical strain. Thus, in this article I will try to familiarize you with sport’s benefit and effect to our life.
The most obvious benefit of sport is to our physical appearance and health. It strengthens muscles, improves bloodstream and respiratory system and helps to remove harmful substances from our body. Because of these factors increases stamina and therefore we are able to perform physical tasks better. Also, physique becomes more attractive to us and others: smooth and fresh skin, nice form and correct posture.
The other important side of life is our mental health and sport has a very big significance on it. Scientists have already proved that approximately after 30 minutes of active physical work organism releases serotonin and endorphin, so called hormones of happiness. They are partly responsible for our psychical processes, such as sleep, mood, appetite and behaviour. It means that sport helps to reduce risk of depression, insomnia or migraine. So after a good exercise you will feel yourself bouncy, happy and healthy not just from outside, but also from inside.
If you are diffident, hesitant or weak-willed and you want to change, sport is a great opportunity to do that. It helps to develop features of character which are important and helpful in...

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