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Benefits Of The Legalization Of Marijuana

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I’m going to shock you.
Half of all men will get cancer, and a third of all women. Some of you could even die.
There’s good news! Your life could be prolonged or your cancer cured with hash oil! Oh ... wait ... it’s not legal ... guess you’ll just have to suck it up. People live with debilitating pain every day because they are unable to get marijuana, while the U.S. government pours money and personnel into a drug war that’s unnecessary. The modes of entry are a lot safer in comparison to other drugs such as injectables with a skyrocketing AIDS risk or pills with questionable purity.
Marijuana, weed, hash and Mary Jane are all the same substance. Its use can be in hand-rolled cigarettes ...view middle of the document...

For example, 200,000 students are declined financial aid and therefore cannot enter or remain in higher education because drug charges have ensured their inability to obtain financial aid. Due to simple possession, these individuals are denied the ability to ever earn a living wage. These students could have tremendous positive impacts on society; some of these students could even end up researching the impact of medicinal marijuana on terminal diseases such as cancer. The current ban makes research difficult to carry out, however, twenty states have legalized medical use. Interestingly, when medicinal use is legalized, recreational use among youth decreases.
Marijuana is used to treat chronic and terminal conditions. When used for chronic pain or other medicinal purposes, it is not smoked; applying it directly to the diseased joint decreases pain. In terminally ill patients, marijuana is used to increase hunger and cause weight gain in AIDS/cancer patients. Some cancer sufferers swear by its anti-nausea properties, reporting it to work as well or better than common nausea medications. MS patients find it to be incredible in pain treatment minus debilitating side effects. In some cases, it can allow them to leave their wheelchairs in two or less years of treatment, an otherwise unimaginable feat. For those needing lower doses, marijuana...

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