Benefits Of The Pursuit Of Physical Fitness Uncw Research Paper

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Joshua Pigford
September 18, 2016
Honors English IV
Mrs. Rushton
Benefits of the Pursuit of Physical Fitness
Sixty-eight percent of adults are considered obese. Twenty-nine million are diagnosed with diabetes. Forty-seven percent of adults have some form of cardiovascular disease, and only twenty percent that meet the recommended amount of daily exercise. These are just some statistics that can sum up the overall health of Americans (Weir, 2014 ). Over the past thirty years the need for physical activity in America increases while the actual participation of adequate daily physical activity falls. There are a plethora of benefits to pursuing physical fitness. The lack of physical activity in this country is becoming more and more prominent and is reflected in our population’s overall health. Because of the positive impact on overall health, psychological state, and reduced risk of disease, the pursuit of physical fitness should be a staple in everyone’s everyday activities.
The first question that most people face when starting their training regimens are what type of training should they do. There are lots of types of training but the three most common types of training are HIIT, Aerobic, and Weight Training. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. It is performed by a repeating short bursts of exercises that is performed at the highest level of intensity that the subject can produce. This type of training is a very short and conventional way to reduce fat and burn more calories in a shorter amount of time than a longer and less intense workout would. HIIT of training also strengthens heart activity and can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases (Schlinger). The second main type of training is aerobic training. Aerobic training involves lots of movement to increase heart rate, energy consumption, and cellular respiration. It is the most common type of training and can be performed in a number of different activities; jogging, swimming, walking, cycling, kickboxing, hiking. Aerobic training is the best type of training to improve heart health and can also help maintain and lose weight, improve stamina, and cardiovascular endurance (CDE). The third main type of training is weight training. Weight training uses gravity in the form of weighted plates, bars, stacks, barbells, and dumbbells to accelerate muscle growth and overall size. This type of training is more prominent in sports like powerlifting, bodybuilding, weightlifting and strongman but is implemented by many other sports in their training regimens and is becoming an increasingly popular style of strength training. Weight training is different than other types of training because it is solely to increase muscular strength and size. Weight lifting is also the most dangerous type of training because of the very strict form that is required to perform the movements and if done incorrectly can cause serious, long term, and even fatal injuries (Schlinger). The physical...

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