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Advantages Of The Toyota Hybrid Electric Vehicles Over The Other Car Manufacturing Companies.

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INTRODUCTIONThe growing dependence of many countries, especially the USA and Europe on the imported oil and the daily increase of oil price and the heightened concern on the global warming and the environmental pollutions which has forced many car manufacturing companies to study the new and innovative techniques in solving this very important issue.Toyota as the world's third car manufacturing company and the first in Japan has introduced a new era in the vehicles history.Initial hydrogen, fuel cell and pure electric vehicles were not much successful as they were all very expensive and not very efficient. The true electric vehicles did not have the required standards of an American car buyer because they cost a lot, around US$ 30,000 on a compact car, and the batteries were not able to run the car for a long distance before recharging it.However, the new innovative hybrid electric vehicles which are introduced by Toyota, Honda, GM, Ford and Chrysler are very good alternatives to the traditional gas-powered automobiles. Hybrid Electric vehicles can recharge themselves as you drive and get approximately double miles per gallon of gas than the current gas-powered automobiles and can be refueled at any gas station.Each hybrid vehicle can save thousand pounds of pollutants per year in the air and many environmental experts consider it as a turning point on the air pollution.Honda Insight and Toyota Prius are the main hybrid electric vehicle players in the US market. However, both Honda and Toyota are producing other brands such as Toyota Camry and Honda Civic. Although Honda Insight has entered the market earlier and has a better fuel usage system, Toyota Prius has much higher sales volume and it is more recognizable.This article is studying the successful marketing reasons and challenges which Toyota Hybrid is facing in the US market and the future markets and how to cope with them.What competitive advantages does Toyota Motors have in the hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) category? What steps has Toyota taken to ensure it maintains its competitive advantages over competitors, as the category becomes more popular?Competitive Advantages of Toyota Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV)With the growing concern on the global warming and environmental pollution, many executive managers are looking for a cheap way to reduce the risk of contaminating the environment. However, many of these companies' plans stay on board for quite a long time with no actual result.We all know that the climate is changing and the natural resources are very limited and soon will be finished. This problem forces companies to adopt a proper and innovative way to find a solution and the failure to do so will inevitably furnish the competitors with a strong power.Toyota has recognized this competitive advantage and its Hybrid Electric vehicle is a sample of customer value with environmental solution.Although technological innovation and lean manufacturing system is Toyota's core competencies...

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