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Benefits Of Tinted House Windows Essay

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Window tinting is a common sight in automobiles, but it is also gaining popularity in the home. Tinted house windows have more benefits than just their appealing look. They also have several practical benefits that can save you money and make you safer.

Lower Energy Bill

You may not realize it, but your windows have a significant impact on your heating bill. In the summer, your house is quickly heated up by the sunlight beaming on and through the glass windows, which causes you to constant keep fans and air conditioners running when it wouldn't be necessary otherwise. In the winter, heat is lost through the cold glass of your windows, which causes you to run your heater more frequently. Residential window tinting helps insulate the windows in winter to keep keep the cold out and heat in. In summer, the tinting cuts down on the amount of sunlight allowed through the window and helps keep the glass cooler. This allows your house to stay warmer in winter and cooler in summer ...view middle of the document...

If someone is near the window when the break occurs, it can result in serious injury. Tinted house windows can still break, but the tint helps keep the pieces intact and connected to the window frame. This keeps anyone near the window safe and prevents the additional mess and hazard of having broken glass on the floor.

Protection from UV Rays

Over exposure to UV rays has been linked to skin cancer and other health issues. Most people are already aware of the damaging effects of UV rays on the human body, but they don't realize that they're not safe from these rays while in their homes. While sunscreen and shade may protect you from UV rays when you're outside, UV window film for home use can prevent people from exposure to UV rays while in their homes.

UV rays aren't only damaging to people, they're also harmful to your furniture. Sunlight and UV rays cause colors in fabric to fade, and they may actually damage certain fabrics such as leather. Window tinting also prevents furniture from these adverse reactions and helps keep your furniture looking great for years.


People love to enjoy the views of the outdoors while in their home, but the ability to look out into the world also means that the world can look back in on you. Whether it's nosy people passing by or even the possibility of a burglar looking into your home, you can prevent unwanted eyes from peaking into your home with window tinting. You can also get window security film that allows you to have a clear view outside without sacrificing light while making it nearly impossible to see inside of the home.


Window tinting has actually become an appealing decorative addition to the home. Just the look of normal window tinting can add a completely new look to the home, but you can also get tinting that is specifically designed with patterns, effects such as frost, icicles and cut glass and pictures to create unique and beautiful windows.


If you're interested in window tinting for your home, there are many residential window tinting services available across the country. While it is possible to add window tint on house windows by yourself, it can be a tricky process that requires the help of a professional to ensure that it looks and functions properly.

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