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Benefits Of Trainings Essay

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Training is recognized as one of the most imperative aspects of an organizations overall strategy and attainment of financial success. Benefits of training both the organization as well as the individualized employees are intangible and investing in appropriate types of training will aid in productivity and success for extended periods of time. “One of the most important benefits of training for an organization is that, it provides skills inside the organization which reduces overall cost of an organization’s operations” (Ansar, 2009). Policies that ensure practices are fair and not deemed to be discriminatory have been effectively put in place in most US corporations in an effort to aid the increasingly multicultural workforce to feel more comfortable with each other.
On an individual level, training is a provision of power to the employee and staff empowerment is annotated to be a recent trend in management that has proven to be successful. Given the certain recognition of the need and advantages of both organizational and individual training, there are three primary areas in which both the organization as well as the individual must be frequently trained in and those are legal requirements, diversity, and employee growth.
Organizations, regardless of the size have certain legal requirements of which they must adhere to in order to stay within the realm of acceptance from the community as well as the government. All organizations must understand what legal requirements apply to them to avoid issues with the law. For instance, all organizations are required to have some sort of policy designed to prevent discrimination and accept diversity in the work place. If this legal requirement is not understood by the organization through organizational training programs then there is less chance of this requirement being appeased. Moreover, it is a legal requirement that an organization designate ownership which very much effects the type of tax bracket that this organization will be in. For this task, organization developers and owners will be required, legally, to classify their organization as “sole proprietorship, general partnership, limited partnership, or limited liability partnership” (Allen, 2014).
As an individual within an organization it is important to obtain training regarding legal requirements because there are certain legal expectations that are set forth for both the organization as well as the employee and not having knowledge of said expectations can result in several other, potentially avoidable issues had training been conducted. It is imperative that employees are trained on their individual rights as an employee so they are aware of the scope of their individual and collective rights. “Safety representatives, union officials, pension scheme trustees and trade union learning representatives have the right to be permitted paid time off work to undergo training relevant to the performance of their functions or duties” (Murthy,...

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