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One day I was worried because I needed to buy some materials for a project. I could not find those materials, so I decided to ask with a friend. She turned on her computer, and began to look for the materials that I needed. In few minutes she found all the materials, and I saw that next to the photo were two prices. My friend told me that the lower price is if someone buys the things by the computer, and the highest price is in the store. I got everything that I was looking for in a few minutes by using the computer. This is one of the many benefits of using computers. The benefits of using the computer are online banking, using the computer for research, and online shopping.
First, the use of computer in online banking is very helpful nowadays. For example, one of its benefits is the unlimited service during the day and the night. This is a good benefit because if a person needs service during the night, they could use it and not worry if it is open or not. As CIBC an online company says, you can look at your balance whenever you want, not just when you get a statement (“The Benefits of Online Banking” 1). Second, it is an easy way of payment available for all people. A person does not need to wait until the day that they have an appointment. “The person can go any day and pay their debt” (Dulawat 1). Third, control of balance of their account available 24 hours. For instance, my mom checks her account some days in the morning, other days at night. If someone does a payment using their debit card when they arrive home, they can check the balance, and have control of what is happening with the money (“CIBC” 1). There are many benefits for online banking, and one is really interesting. According to Dulawat:
Higher interest rate. Another great advantage of online banking is the interest rates which basically range between 5% to 3.40% annually. Unlike the traditional banking, online banking can earn you a better interest or return of investment both in your savings and checking account. (1)
The second benefit of using the computer is the easy research that can be done. One of the things that we can do is look for information. As an illustration, when a student is doing homework, almost everyone is looking information in the computer. The computer has information of different authors, opinions, or structures. Therefore, it is ready at a moment, and people can find information of almost every topic. For example, in the computer there is information like fashion, weather, news, videos, or books, and all this is available all days, and at any hour. In addition, it has accuracy when a person looks for information. Some pages in the computer...

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