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Wellness program these are programs established in a workplace for the purpose of providing variety incentives to employees. These incentives are through job position appraisal, gym membership, programs for managing diabetes, premium price cut, weight loss programs and health screening. Berry, Mirabito and Baun (2010) state that “workplace wellness refers to an organized, employer-sponsored program that is designed to support employees and their families as they adopt and sustain behaviours that reduce health risks, improve quality of life, enhance personal effectiveness and benefit the organisation bottom line”. According to Violette (1991), wellness programs are more than just exercise programs hence it comprises activities that focus on promotion of employee health, prevention of various diseases and health education services modified for the requirements of the firm and its workers. Further studies depict that companies that establish wellness programs in the workplace help employees make healthy lifestyle changes (Mitts, 2013). To this Wein (2015), supports by justifying that workplace wellness program are however common in many companies and that over 44% of the companies have established wellness programs. In this essay an attempt is made to discuss five keys benefits of wellness programs in a workplace and lastly key findings of the essay will be summarised as a conclusion to the essay.
Productivity as defined by Stang, Cady, Batenhorst and Hoffman (2001), “is the aggregate of performance across a group of employees and reflects how efficient they are”. This explains that higher labour productivity is a crucial aspects in a company as it leads to increase of sales of products, boost growth and rise the success of the company as it gains a higher better reputation. A latest article (Montek, 2016) asserts that higher labour productivity helps the company grow at a faster pace. However the article further states that higher labour productivity being a significant indicator of the business it needs innovative technology, capital and labour resources as for the success of the company. Management can also boost up higher labour productivity through compensation, salary, benefits or remuneration and bonuses. On the contrary as depicted in the case study, main cause of loss productivity are due to depression and stress in workplace (Berry, 2016). The authors suggest that management in charge of wellness programs need to think beyond diet and exercise as to improve the health of the employees in the workplace and boost productivity. Berry et al. (2016) further asserts that “Biltmore Company offers a nondenominational chaplain service that assists workers and their families with serious illness, divorce, grief, recovery and child rearing” and these services are free, personal and voluntary. By enabling such services and improving health of employees in the workplace the company will benefit through higher labour productivity, hence...

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