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Benefits Of Wireless Devices In The High School Classroom

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There is a great problem in America today. The use of wireless devices is prohibited in the vast majority of high schools across the Nation, and the use of this technology is necessary for not only the high school student’s success in college, but is also needed for the betterment of America’s current economic and unemployment issues. America is not turning out highly educated individuals as in the past, and it is hurting the Nation as a whole.
While some would say that the use of mobile technology in the classroom would only be a distraction, the benefits greatly outweigh the cost. Colleges across America like the University of North Carolina at Pembroke and Francis Marion University allow the use of wireless devices in the classroom daily. High school students have to go through various changes transforming from a dependent lifestyle to a much more independent lifestyle like college. This transition would be easier if wireless devices were allowed in the classroom and the allowance of the devices in the classroom would benefit the high school students greatly through better grades. An easier transition from high school to college would mean less college drop outs which then leads to more highly educated individuals which then leads to a better economy and job market for the United States of America.
All high schools need to allow the use of mobile technology in the classroom because it better prepares high school students for higher education, and most students have access to this technology. Research done by Loraine Jackson at California Polytechnic State University shows that thirty-five percent of students find handheld technology useful for access to power points used by instructors, forty-one percent find it useful to have access to search capabilities, and sixty percent of students surveyed said using mobile technology was advantageous when taking notes in class. Since the students were using wireless devices in their classes, they possessed constant access to the power points used in class, and it was substantially easier to search and reaffirm their knowledge while taking notes by being able to look at the power points while in class and also ameliorating their understanding of the class because the student can further develop the power points to aide their understanding of the subject; furthermore, since universities take advantage of programs like blackboard which performs all the above tasks, high school students would be better prepared for college. When exposed to programs like blackboard in high school, students would already be prepared to use educational web pages in college. While a common perception is that not every person has access to some form of mobile technology, Dr. Teresa Franklin points out that high school students have an ample amount of access to some form of handheld technology. Dr. Franklin demonstrates through a survey how increasingly available wireless and mobile devices are for high...

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