Benefits Physical Activity Has On Academic Performance And Children’s Futures Physical Education Issue Analysis

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Many schools have cut back on physical activity or have shortened recess and lunch times to increase the time spent in reading and mathematics, to help develop student’s grades. Some people believe that the cutbacks are great, but little do they know that physical activity increases their performance at school. That physical activity also has huge benefits on the children’s lives in their future. In this Issue Analysis, I will be diving into the different benefits of physical activity and how it helps the academic performance of a child and also how it benefits their future.Benefits Physical Activity Has on Academic Performance and Children’s Futures
There are people who believe that Physical Education should be cut as a subject and there are also people who strongly believe it should not be cut. I personally believe it should not be cut and that it should be made mandatory for all year levels up to the end of year 10. Having regular physical activity for a child aged 5-16[footnoteRef:2] within schools on a regular basis will increase brain neurotransmitters[footnoteRef:3], oxygen flow to the brain and help to reduce stress levels, helping children to be more focused. Thus, benefiting them academically. Brain neurotransmitters are the chemicals in the brain which communicate information throughout the brain and the body[footnoteRef:4]. An increasing in brain neurotransmitters can help develop the brain, improving students learning skills such as; memory, creative/critical thinking, communication and attention spam. [2:] [3:] [4:]
Getting the heart rate up helps blood flow towards the brain, giving the brain more oxygen. Which improves memory, when we do a physical activity we start to stimulate the production of a protein which is released from muscle cells during exercise[footnoteRef:5]. The protein helps to preserve pre-existing brains cells and advances brain growth within the hippocampus[footnoteRef:6] that is located where the temporal lobes of the brain are, which is on both sides of the brain, behind the temples[footnoteRef:7].That region of the brain is associated with memory[footnoteRef:8]. [5: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gfndc5ov/gene/252995] [6:] [7:,P00773/] [8:]
Sometime last year a study from the
University of Colorado at Boulder found that physical activity can help reduce stress levels[footnoteRef:9]. When students are stressed it does not just affect them mentally, it also affects them...

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