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Benefits To Pharmacy Students Using Social Media

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There are many different advantages to the use of social media in the education and practice of pharmacy. One of these advantages is that it gives pharmacy students a new and engaging way to become involved with their education. According to Grindrod et al. learning happens in a variety of ways: actual conversation with others, textbooks, and social interactions, like social media1. Pharmacy students can take an interactive approach to their learning through their interactions on social media sites like Youtube and Facebook. Youtube allows students to search for videos that can increase their understanding of difficult subject material. These videos usually simplify the information so that it can be easier to comprehend. Youtube videos also tend to give visual learners a representation of the subject that usually makes it easier for them to grasp a concept. Facebook allows students to connect quickly and easily to other students to talk about questions and material that they may be having difficulty with. It also allows them to search for different pharmacy related groups that may be able to help them in different situations, and it gives them an easy way to get information on these different groups.
A benefit to graduating pharmacy students, as well as those looking for a new job, is that social media is now making it easier to find employment. According to Simone, pharmacists are finding employment through the help of social media and they are doing it more than any other health provider2. Pharmacists are taking advantage of the growth of social media by using sites like LinkedIn and Facebook to find out which pharmacies are looking to hire. More and more pharmacies are beginning to post their job listings on social media sites and that makes it much more available to those who are searching for it. Searching these sites for job listings is very easy and only requires a few minutes to determine what pharmacies are currently looking for new hires. This streamlines the entire search process and allows you to find many listings with the click or your mouse. It also makes it much easier for pharmacists who are relocating to find a new job in a new setting. Continued use of social media by pharmacists as well as other healthcare providers will make it much easier to fill positions in areas where it may be difficult to advertise in or that people would not have necessarily thought to look.
Another way in which social media can have a positive impact on the practice of pharmacy is that it can be used as a means of effective patient education tools. Scanfeld et al. states that pharmacists can give out correct information, advocate lifestyle modifications, and pinpoint the possibility that a patient does not comprehend the importance of correct antibiotic use by using social media sites like Twitter3. Pharmacists can use social media as a platform to help increase the health of the community. They can use Twitter and...

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