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Did you know that every kid should have at least an hour of physical activity a day? Well this doesn't happen often enough. One in three kids in America are considered obese. I know alot of people at our school who have sports after school two or three times a week. Believe it or not, an hour a day is better than 2 hours here, a break day and another 2 hours there. Studies show that not only does it help performance in the classroom, but also boosts confidence and happiness. My goal would be to present a choice of physical education for an elective in the school.

Physical activity helps performance in school. There is myriad research that proves not only does regular physical activity ...view middle of the document...

This is also a motivational way for students to strive and become more comfortable at being themselves. We all know it is more fun when it is a sport that you get to choose, that normally makes people happy. During sports, a lot of the time it enforces competition, therefore making the students more aware that they can do this with schoolwork. They also can have a higher amount of confidence as I said earlier. Basically, this means that they can believe in themselves more. From a neurological standpoint, studies convey a pathway between the physical education, and confidence. Currently, we do not a student selection towards the sports played in P.E. Many are the choices are boring to some students and they are not motivational, thus lessening confidence.

Finally, this is how my idea would all come together. The way this plan would end up working is a little complicated yet achievable. Before the school year begins, everyone in charge of athletics could come together and make a voting sheet. All the team sports that they could make possible at our school could...

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