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Benito Mussolini’s Impact On The World

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Benito Mussolini’s Impact on the World
Benito Mussolini helped Italy rise and prosper through his persuasive speeches and ideas. He impacted the world forever as the founder of Fascism, his lack of attention and maintenance to his army changed the major outcome in the war if he had done differently, and he resurrected Italy’s economy. Mussolini brought Fascism to the world and created new perspectives. Countries today in Africa, and Southeast Asia, such as Cambodia, are fascist. Mussolini was known as the founder of Fascism and many of his fascist ways were used by Hitler to expand his empire and take control of Europe. If Benito Mussolini had never introduced Fascism to the world, ...view middle of the document...

He made himself feel important by dominating over helpless others in ways such as bullying. In imitation of his father and because of his lack of attention and love at home, “he was rebellious, and was expelled from his Catholic school for stabbing a fellow school mate” ( He continued his education despite disciplinary actions and eventually received an educational diploma in 1901. In 1902, at the age of eighteen, he went to Switzerland to avoid induction into the Italian army and later came into contact with exiled Russian Marxists, which is a worldview and method of societal analysis that focuses on class relations and societal conflict. Under their influence, Mussolini became a Marxist. His use of violence as a political weapon helped him to becom a successful Marxist. In 1909, Mussolini was hired to edit a socialist weekly newspaper in an Austrian province known as Trenito, but again, Mussolini’s extreme ideas in his writing and put him in jail which was a familiar experience. Mussolini was expelled from Austria after jailed, and he returned to Forli, Italy to edit another a socialist weekly. In 1909 he married Rachele Guidi who was the daughter of his father’s mistress. Mussolini was notorious for being unfaithful to his wife, yet they had five children. Mussolini’s extreme radicalism and opposition to reformism restricted him from the leaders of the Italian Socialist Party. Mussolini was jailed again after his violent opposition to Italy’s 1911 war against Turkey for control of Libya which gained him notoriety. Mussolini was released from prison and went on to lead the left wing in an attack against the democrat’s party’s moderate leaders, and with their expulsion he became a member of the party directorate and editor of the national socialist newspaper called Avanti! ( The Socialist Party opposed Italy’s entrance into World War I, yet Mussolini called for involvement. As a result, he was removed as editor and expelled from the party, but he did not stop at spreading his ideas and assumed control of a non-socialist newspaper which promoted his nationalist and interventionist messages. Soon after in 1914, Mussolini was called into the military and eventually injured by mortar fire at the battlefront. He returned from the war to Italy with a renewed commitment to alter Italian politics radically. In 1922 during his March on Rome, Mussolini used his Black Shirt supporters to intimidate King Victor Emmanuel II into appointing himself premier, the Italian version of a prime minister. Still though, Mussolini still does not have much power. By 1924-1925, Mussolini had full control of Italy achieved through propaganda and disorganized enemies (
As Europe’s first Fascist leader, Benito Mussolini set the stage for a new form of dictatorship based on totalitarian philosophy supported by the classes which most feared radical revolution from below. Hitler and other...

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