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Benjamin Franklin And His Inventions Essay

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Benjamin Franklin’s inventions were as revolutionary as the century itself. Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston, Massachusetts January 17, 1706. Franklin grew up to be a great man who would help greatly in the creation of our nation. Although Ben Franklin is greatly known, not much attention is put into his great inventions; the Franklin stove, bifocals, and the mapping of the Gulf Stream where some of his inventions. Franklin’s inventions all had different impacts on the lives of people.
People used to light their fireplace for warmth, but the issue was that when the fire was burning the heat from the fireplace would rise up, leaving the house with little warmth. The only way to keep warm was to huddle close to the stove. In the winter if someone had company over anyone not by the stove would be cold except for the people in the room of the stove. When Benjamin Franklin realized these issues he had set out to find a way to resolve the issue. (Benton) (
Benjamin Franklin started working on his own version of a fire place in 1741 and was completed and announced in 1742. It was a cast iron fireplace that had tubes running through the house that all lead out the chimney. Building the fire place had many problems to overcome before it could be practical and functional. Franklin had to find a way to stop the smoke from the stove from entering the house while at the same time producing the most heat to the house. Although Franklin is the only one credited with the making of the Franklin stove, Franklin had used others’ researched; most of Franklin’s concept was a combination of the main points of a French scientist’s book written in 1713 and a research by Dutch physician Herman Boerhaave. (Benton)
After being invented, the Franklin stove became almost as popular as Benjamin Franklin himself. George Thomas, the governor of Pennsylvania, once wrote that he had enjoyed the stove so much that he offered Franklin a patent to the machine, but he had turn it down because Benjamin Franklin just wanted people to enjoy the invention. The Franklin stove was one of many amazing inventions created by Benjamin Franklin. (Benton) (
Aside from the Franklin stove his mapping of the Gulf Stream was another huge discovery, but because it was unclear of who had really discovered the Gulf Stream, the mapping of the Gulf Stream is one of the lesser know discoveries. The Gulf Stream is a current that starts in the Gulf of Mexico, runs along the coast of Florida and end then runs northeast emptying out into the Atlantic Ocean. The Gulf Stream was a very powerful current that almost every sailor rode but didn’t know the reason; sometimes sailors would get shipwrecked because of bad weather, poor judgment and the power of the Gulf Stream. (Wilkinson) (
Benjamin Franklin knew partially about the Gulf Stream from others’ work but not much. Around 1769 while in England Benjamin Franklin had heard that a letter...

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