"Benjamin Franklin" Is About His Childhood And Some Of His Iventions As Well As Other Intersting Facts

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Benjamin Franklin - PrinterAs a child, Benjamin F. loved to read, write, and collect books; so when it came time to choose a trade, Ben's father decided Ben would become a printer. At the age of twelve, Ben started as an apprentice with Ben's older brother James. At the age of twenty-two, Ben opened his own printing shop. Ben's newspaper, the Pennsylvania Gazette became very popular and profitable. A few years later, Poor Richard's Almanack was released and soon became the best selling book in the colonies, selling over 10,000 copies a year. Soon, Ben became the most active printer in the colonies and was appointed the official printer of Pennsylvania. Ben's duties included printing money, laws, and documents for the colony. he then became the public printer for Delaware, New Jersey, and Maryland. he also helped establish newspapers in New York, Connecticut, and two islands in the West Indies.Benjamin Franklin - LibrarianBooks were very expensive during my time and therefore not everyone was able to afford them. Some fellow printers and Ben, known as the Leather Apron Club (because most of us wore leather aprons) discussed ways they could help the community. Through Ben's suggestion, they started a lending library that was open to everyone. They would pool our money and buy books, which people could borrow.So, in 1731, the first lending library in America opened. Soon, other towns began to imitate the library, until reading became fashionable even among the less educated.Benjamin Franklin - InventorAt the age of forty-two, I retired from printing to explore my other interests. I devoted this time to inventing. During my life, I invented many things, including:Swim fins, bifocals, a glass armonica, watertight bulkheads for ships, the lightning rod, an odometer, and the wood stove (called the Franklin stove).In addition to inventing, I enjoyed experimenting. One thing that always fascinated me was electricity. so, one stormy night my son, William, and I were experimenting with lightning. You see, during my time, people thought that lightning was a mysterious force that was a punishment from God; however, I wanted to prove that lightning is a form of electricity.I attached a pointed metal piece on the top...

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1125 words - 5 pages world. Benjamin Franklin patented none of his inventions even though he was urged to do so. Benjamin Franklin even went as far as to publish a book about electricity. In 1752 he sent a record of these experiments with electricity to the Royal Society of scientists in London and to French scientist. They were so impressed with his work that he was elected a fellow Royal Society member and was awarded a Medal. With out his work on electricity Thomas

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1074 words - 4 pages Almanac, which received greater success than his newspaper by far. He published a new almanac once every year. He did this from 1733 to 1758.Benjamin Franklin married Deborah Read in 1730. They had three children. Francis Floger who died in childhood of small pox. Sarah who married a rich merchant and William who became the governor of New Jersey. Benjamin's wife was not well educated. She had misspelled words in her letters and wasn't interested in

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