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Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography Wisdom Essay

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Benjamin Franklin was probably the most important man in the development of the United States. He was a very influential figure. Benjamin Franklin, however, was also a man of great wisdom. Like his book The Way to Wealth, where he outlines his financial wisdom, wisdom could be attained from his autobiography. In The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin outlines thirteen virtues which he believes to be moral. Although Benjamin Franklin's thirteen virtues may not be all the wisdom found in his autobiography, it is a start for a successful life.
Benjamin Franklin says, “… under thirteen names of virtues all that at that time occurr'd to me as necessary or desirable, and annexed ...view middle of the document...

Financial genius was not the only virtue Benjamin Franklin had to become successful. Perseverance would be another virtue that Benjamin Franklin forgot to mention in his thirteen virtues. Benjamin Franklin would work night and day in order to achieve what needed to be done. He wouldn't care about what the people were saying. He wouldn't give a moments rest until he did what he wanted to do. Although his success could be mostly attributed to perseverance, reading was how he was able to achieve greatness.
"From a child I was fond of reading, and all the little money that came into my hands was ever laid out in books."3 Since he was a child Benjamin Franklin loved to read. He would read at night after work or in the early morning before work, when he was a printing-apprentice. Reading taught him that there could be different words that semantically are the same. He wanted to have a word arsenal in order to be able to use the words in different occasions. He would play games with words until he could use the words in sentences. This led him to believe that he could become an excellent English writer. As he grew older he surrounded himself with other people like himself, people who liked to read.
The people he would keep as company was another life lesson that could be seen in his autobiography. He would engulf himself with people who shared the same interests as him. Although it may have been mostly for entertainment, surrounding himself with people who had the same interest as he did allowed him to have more stimulating conversations with people. Since he was a child he would make friends with children who liked to read, as an adult he did the same. Not only is it a intellectually riveting, but good company maintains the mind...

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