Benjamin's Speech

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Comrades, I will tell you why I called for this meeting. Everyone who is here, I tell you that we all need loyalty that is rock solid. No one shall trust humans for they had made our lives and other animals’ lives miserable. I swear to all of you that I will do whatever it takes to bring prosperity to our lives and to future comrades to Animal Farm. You all knew the old me, but now that I see my comrades, you need to trust someone and that someone should be me. What I have to say will affect your lives if you decide to listen to me or not. Comrades I ask for all you attentions and please listen to what I have to say. I shall tell you the truth on what is happening and what is going to happen. Now Let me explain what our lives are now.

Everyone here, we accomplished an achievement of achievements, but we must face the reality that is right in front of our eyes. Jones is gone, but that does not mean he will not come back to take back what is ours. We are all starving and with the destruction of this farm we must rebuild and prepare for Jones. He is currently the biggest threat to us and other animals. Once he is eliminated we can rest easy, but there will be a lot of work to be done. With everyone leaderless we will be in a state a chaos until we have one. Choose me to be the one that will guide you. Let me be that leader that will lead you into a good future. Let me be the one who can give you a chance at happiness. I will personally tell you how to fix our horrible lives and turn it into a world for animals. I will tell you my dreams to come if you all listen to my plan.

Dreams I have for Animal farm are that it will be peaceful for every animal everywhere. Where we can stop worrying about going to slaughter houses and that we arent going to be drowned once we’re weak. Dreams where there will be no hunger and plenty of food to go around for everyone. Dreams that all the animals are happy and knowledgeable. Dreams where animals actually live up to their full life and can rest during their retirement. Dreams where everyone is having a good time being free...

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