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Beowolf Essay

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Courtney Barnes11-17-134BBeowulf and The13th WarriorIn the book Beowulf and the movie The 13th Warrior they had a lot of similarities even though they were written hundreds of years apart. The characters shared the same characterizations, both Beowulf and the 13th Warrior related to Anglo Saxon ideals. The plot was still the same, both fighting monsters for the good of the people.The main characters in both The 13th Warrior and in Beowulf are from two completely different points of view. The 13th Warrior is from the view of Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan, the thirteenth warrior to fight with Beowulf in a tragic battle against unhumanlike creatures. In the epic poem though, the view is from Beowulf's eyes. The look of the battle in the film shows the different perspectives and the sense of confusion the warriors had while accompanying Beowulf throughout his journey to defeat Grendel and the dragon. The film demonstrates the risk he warriors went through and their attitude toward this battle. It shows Ahmed saving two children who were running from the incoming attack and his compassionate heart for those who were suffering. The film shows the better side of Beowulf, the nobler and slightly more gentleman side of Beowulf. It shows Beowulf fighting to protect the people of the kingdom; he was not just in it for the glory, fame, rewards or the ladies. In the poem Beowulf is fighting for just that: being self-centered and misusing his abilities for his own good, not the good of others. The characters of the film and the poem have completely different personalities, are in different character seniority, and do each task in a different way.Throughout The 13th Warrior and Beowulf, the warriors tend to show off their attributes and physical talents. The plot thickens in a different way, and is resolved differently also. The main characters are different, with similar goals, but different reasons for doing what they do. The central idea never changes, and is a constant theme throughout both film and poem. The differences in the setup of the film and poem definitely outweigh the similarities, but the similarities of the plot and general concept are easily seen.In Beowulf, the Anglo-Saxon hero is well defined by the actions of Beowulf. It is obvious that Beowulf is the quintessential hero. His strength and courage are unparalleled, and he is much more humble and honorable than many of the corrupt warriors around him. Beowulf displays his great strength time after time. Whether he is fighting sea monsters, Grendel's mother, or a horrible fire-breathing dragon, Beowulf shows that his courage and strength should be an inspiration to all heroes. Strength and physical appearance are essential to the Anglo-Saxon warrior. Beowulf is described as having the strength of "thirty men" in just one of his arms, and when he first arrives in the land of the Danes, the coastguard sees the mighty hero and says, "I have never seen a mightier warrior on earth than is...

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