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In the epic journey, Beowulf, the main character Beowulf is shown as the perfect hero throughout the entire journey. Though there isn’t such thing as being a perfect hero, Beowulf exemplifies the traits of one, having the presence of bravery, strength and modesty. Beowulf, "the hero of all heroes," who is athletic and bold, is the prince of Geats. He stands by his word, once he makes a vow. Even if it might just take his own life, he will complete the journey, no matter what the cost. He likes to be there for the people that are in need of help from evil, so he is rarely backed down from any battle. He is willing to danger his life for his principles manifest the true heroic character inside him. In all, Beowulf overpowers three ghastly demons, two of whom are Cain’s heir.
Even though Beowulf is quite the hero, he is also illustrated as being extremely prideful. During the Anglo-Saxon period, character traits that were most common for a hero is a rather egoistical and boastful which Beowulf has. He is more interested in his honor as a hero that he is even willing to take on any task without a real fear of death. The poem explores his heroism in two separate phases, the younger Beowulf and the older one, and through three different, but increasingly difficult conflicts with Grendel, Grendel’s mother, and the dragon. These time periods in his life, correlated with two contrasting standards of integrity. There is a clear division between his youth heroism as an unburdened and free warrior and his more mature and older heroism as the respectable king. Although one can see the three battles as a heroic code being expressed, it's always the reader to see the growth that he exhibit throughout the fifty year difference. Much of the moral reflection in the story centers on separating the two and showing how Beowulf grew from the other transitioning to the next phase in his life.
The second episode of the story jumps over the central part of Beowulf’s career as a warrior, focusing completely at the end of his lifetime, is set in Geatland. However, we regain most of what occurred during the time between Beowulf’s youth and his older self through a number of him reflecting on himself and is able to...

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