Beowulf: A Man Of Loyalty, Faith, And Courage English Iv Honors Essay

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Beowulf: A Man of Loyalty, Faith, and Courage
Beowulf’s morals would outmatch any of the average person of today, even when the stakes were not as high. Beowulf went willingly to another country and had the courage to go fight a monster with the strength of 30 men with only his hands. He stayed faithful to King Hrothgar, and slayed the mother of the monster. Beowulf remained loyal to his country and fought a fire breathing dragon. If there was a dragon now-a-days there would be no problem in having a tank just go towards it and blow it up. During the Dark Ages, all the weapons they had were swords and shields.
Beowulf had practically saved the Danes. Denmark was terrorized by a monster named Grendel for 12 long years (Sabala Line 62). Word spread of the terror to Geetland, where Beowulf lived, so Beowulf set out to go kill Grendel. Beowulf knew that the monster had the strength of 30 men, but the monster only fought with his claws and his pure strength (Sabala Line 37). Beowulf wanted it to be a fair fight, so he too only fought with pure strength (Sabala Lines 168 - 174). To some people this is just stupidity, why would someone fight without weapons if they had the choice to fight with a weapon. This showed how much courage Beowulf had to attack this great beast.
King Hrothgar took Beowulf in as one of his own sons after Beowulf killed Grendel. However, King Hrothgar still had another problem, Grendel’s mother. Grendel’s mother was another wicked monster that lived in a fiery lake in Denmark. Grendel’s mother knew of Beowulf because he killed her son. She killed one of Hrothgar’s closest friends (Sabala Lines 544 - 545).  Hrothgar called on Beowulf to take out such a monster. Beowulf could have easily just gone back home. He was already considered a hero for...

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