Beowulf Analysis: Plot, Theme, Characterization Greek Literature Essay

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Beowulf Essay Assignment
The first draft of your essay is due TUESDAY October 12th; the final draft is due Thursday October 14th. Late essays lose 10 points a day. No essays will be taken after November 8th. Essays will be collected at the beginning of class only. No essays will be accepted over email! Essays must be typed in 12 pt. Times New Roman Font. Final drafts will not be accepted without outlines and reviewed first drafts.
Essay Requirements: This essay must be a five paragraph essay. Each paragraph must contain at least 7 sentences. You must have two quotations in each body paragraph – one from Beowulf and one from your secondary source. You must do an outline (using my outline format) and a first draft.
Part I: Choose a topic
Topic A: Hero
Use the poem, your notes, and a secondary source to prove that Beowulf is a good example of a hero.
is a hero
in Beowulf
Anglo-Saxon England
Why/How: 1.
he fights for a noble cause
he follows a code of honor
he possesses strength and courage
Example thesis statement: In the epic poem Beowulf, Beowulf possesses the characteristics of a hero because he fights for a noble cause, he follows a code of honor, and he possesses strength and courage that is greater than anyone else.
Topic B: Vengeance
Different characters seek vengeance in the poem. Use the poem, your notes, and a secondary source to discuss the reasons and ways that the characters seek revenge.
characters in the poem
exemplify vengeance
in Beowulf
Anglo-Saxon England
Why/How: 1.
through Beowulf’s actions
through Hrothgar’s actions
through Grendel’s mother’s actions
Example thesis statement: In the epic poem Beowulf, the idea of vengeance is exemplified through the actions of Beowulf, Hrothgar, and Grendel’s mother.
Part II: outline the Beowulf essay
A. look at the example to review the outline form
Sample thesis: In the epic poem Beowulf, Beowulf possesses the characteristics of a hero because he fights for a noble cause, he follows a code of honor, and he possesses strength and courage that is greater than anyone else.
Primary Quotation
Secondary Quotation
He fights for a noble cause
· helps the Danes when no one else could
· rescues Herot from Grendel
· avenges Esher’s death

(Beowulf, ln. )
He follows a code of honor

(Beowulf, ln. )
He possesses strength and courage

(Beowulf, ln. )
B. Write an outline by:
· using notes from class
· holding a piece of paper in landscape orientation with the red margin at the top
· writing the thesis statement above the red margin line (put your heading at top right)
· using a straight edge and taking up the entire sheet with four columns and three rows
· filling in PTBM’s from the thesis statement’s how/why’s
· writing each PTBM in 5-7 words - not a sentence, a point - not plot
· developing each ex with 2-3 examples from the plot that support your Point To Be Made
· adding primary...

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