Beowulf And Grendel And Grendels Mother Meek 12 B Essay

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Lane Phillips
Mrs. Newell
August 28, 2017
Beowulf the Great
Beowulf is a man of many characteristics. He had great strength, courage,
loyalty, and honor. He was human raised as a Geat, born with special abilities. He was
Healfdane’s son. A great warrior respected all across Herot.
Beowulf had many qualities but none greater than his strength. He has defeated
the most fearsome creature in Herot with his bare hands because Grendel didn’t fight
with any weapons. Beowulf swam across the sea of Herot to fight Grendel’s mother
because she had killed a few men in Herot. Once he fought Grendel, Beowulf was so
strong that he ripped Grendel’s arm off. At the end of this narrative Beowulf, fights a
mighty dragon to protect his people from death. Even though Beowulf was old and
restless he still defeated the dragon. Beowulf’s strength was greater than any warrior
before him.
One of Beowulf’s best qualities was his courage. When Grendel’s mother came
for revenge for her son, beowulf went after her at the bottom of the sea by himself. He
had to sink for hours before he reached the bottom, where her lair was. Beowulf had
armor but she was very strong and his sword could not hurt her. He chose...

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