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Beowulf And Modern United States Essay

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Beowulf and Modern United States

Many people who read the poem Beowulf would probably find it hard to find similarities between the poem and life in modern America. How could one compare an ancient Anglo-Saxon culture with the sophisticated world that we are living in today? But, if we look closely, we may be able to pinpoint some parallel between the two societies. This essay will discuss the topics of warrior life, the “bad guy,” and social similarities. One might wonder how a warrior culture might be similar to our own? But if we consider American culture, we are actually still very war-like. We have a strong military system built to protect our country and the people that make it up. We are also known for going to the aid of other countries that aren’t able to defend themselves. This is very similar to the mentality of the warriors in Beowulf. Beowulf comes to the aid of Hrothgar’s falling kingdom.

Another similarity between the two cultures that some people may see in the most recent times is the idea of the bad guy or “monster.” Today Americans are trying to deal with having to watch out for terrorists and being scared of the evil plots of others. But many Americans are also having trouble accepting the idea that the “monster” is really the bad guy. There have been anti-war protests because people are not so sure who the bad guy is. In Beowulf, I felt that same idea. Even though Grendel is doing bad things, I don’t think that he is so different from the humans. He is killing people for his own reasons, which is the same attitude I saw in Beowulf. Grendel is jealous of the humans and his inability to be like them causes him to kill those...

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