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Beowulf’s Encounter Essay

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After Beowulf's victor over Grendel's mother and leaves with Grendel's head unknownly there was a snake like creator lurking around watching his every move. As Beowulf left the sea the snake spotted him with Grendel's head in his hands and knew he was the one that killed him. The snake was dark and furious he wanted to attack Beowulf right then and there but he though he should wait. The snake was a family friend who was really close. The snake like creature wasn't very long or so it seemed, very slimily ane every where he when he left a trail of slime behind. He was as strong as an ox and he eyes are like fire glowing in the night. The snake waited til last night when everyone was sleep and creep into Danes Hall like lighten, hissing vigorously. He when under the doors and quietly slid along the corner of the walls trying to find Beowulf. Beowulf was the only person he was after and had no time to waste whereas it would soon be light. Finally the snake found Beowulf sound asleep as he slid across the room not making a sound. He creeps up slowly onto Beowulf's bed and under the sheets. The snake tried to bit Beowulf but didn't succeed because of the armed he had on. Beowulf's armor saved him once again he was so tired from fighting Grendels' mother that he didn't even wake up. The snake had to find a different approach so he did. The snake got as close as he could to Beowulf's head without waking him up and before...

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2027 words - 8 pages hole in the ground. Everyone there is interested in Beowulf’s travels and previous victories. As Beowulf tells his tale, he then trusts himself and is no longer afraid or nervous about his encounter with Grendel (Tolkien). When Grendel finally shows up at the meed hall, no words are exchanged. Beowulf, completely bare, goes on the attack. The fight between Beowulf and Grendel is an all out fight to the death. Neither one had weapons but with

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941 words - 4 pages , these forces are real and affect many effects of events in the novel. Generally, good and evil are not equivalent in power; rather, good has supremacy with the capability of subduing evil. This is consistently apparent through the actions of characters in the book. A demonstration of dominance of good over evil is portrayed through the rebellious nephew of King Hrothgar, Hrothulf and his encounter with an old wise man, Red Horse. Red Horse

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2040 words - 8 pages critics, including Margaret Goldsmith (1960, 1962, 1970), read the poem as faulting the hero for moral filures according to one or another Christian standard of judgment (see also Bolton 1978). The poem became a neo-Aritotelian tragedy in which the hero’s flaw could be identified as a sin, greed, or pride (279). H. L. Rogers in “Beowulf’s Three Great Fights” expresses his opinion as a literary critic regarding conflicts in the poem: The

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1961 words - 8 pages 225). There is also another type of conflict which Clark describes above and which takes place within the mind and soul of a given character.   H. L. Rogers in “Beowulf’s Three Great Fights” expresses his opinion as a literary critic regarding conflicts in the poem:   The superhuman forces are Fate, the heathen gods, or the Christian God; conflicts between them and the hero’s character are frequently found. . . .The treatment in

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1738 words - 7 pages mankind by God; He was of the race of Cain … all evil beings”)   Thirdly, typical of epic poetry, the action of this poem involves the fate of an entire population. The outcome of Beowulf’s encounter with Grendel determines the fate of the Danish nation. Prior to Grendel the great mead hall is the prime source of happiness in the kingdom, where the poet sings, the harp sounds, the story of God’s love for man is told, where the king shares


1125 words - 5 pages present day he should be considered a hero as well. He displays heroism through his fights with Grendel, Grendel’s mother and the dragon while managing to protect his people and eventually sacrifice himself. Right away, readers encounter the main character in Beowulf as he arrives in Denmark after a long journey from his homeland of Geatland. Beowulf has traveled to Denmark in an attempt to slay the monster Grendel that constantly terrorizes the

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4780 words - 19 pages         The Beowulf poet uses the simile. It is not a popular device with this anonymous medieval poet. The simile uses “like” or “as” (either stated or implied) to compare two persons, places or things. In the poem when Beowulf’s party is sailing toward Dane-land:   Across open seas,                          blown by the wind, the foamy-necked ship                    went like a bird, (217-18)   The phrase “like a bird

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3832 words - 15 pages accurate references to historical regional tribes and their heroes, “The main story of Beowulf has been called a fairy-tale with all the magic removed -Shippey N & Q” (Beowulf Chickering 257). Nonetheless, Beowulf displayed many characteristics, which are not unlike those exhibited by other legendary champions. Although Beowulf’s birth does not appear to have been divine or shrouded in mystery or magic, his lineage was noble since his mother was the

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621 words - 2 pages Epic hero Comparison It is very odd that two men who appear so different can be as similar as Beowulf and Achilleus. They each have a distinct code of honor, an avid need for recognition of their deeds, and both victorious over the enemies they encounter in their epic battles. Beowulf and Achilleus’ codes of honor are somewhat similar in that they both occur while in battle. For Beowulf, this happens before the battle with the rudimentary

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672 words - 3 pages demonstrates the negative consequences of vengeful acts, and she reflects the deeper relations Beowulf now has with the Danes. This vicious Cain descendent kills Aeschre, a valuable advisor to Hrothgar. Her extermination of a cherished Dane elucidates how Beowulf is now personally connected to the Danes, after being adopted by them, symbolically welcoming him into the family. Beowulf’s motives shift from fortune and fame, to helping those he cares

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956 words - 4 pages the youth was to enter the line of battle with his lord, his first time to be tested as a fighter” (177). It is only the first time his courage was tested. Most of Beowulf’s men lacked courage and fled when he needed them the most. This battle with the dragon was Beowulf’s last courageous act. An act as a police officer is to resolve conflicts which put them on the move. Police officers encounter many chases throughout their careers. High speed

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